Sunny Beach Resort, Bulgaria – History, vacation, fun and everything else you need!

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Sunny Beach is the biggest seaside resort in Bulgaria, one of the major resorts on the Black Sea. It has the longest and the widest strip of a beach with thousands of tourists each year. The resort is located on the east in the Nessebar municipality of the Burgas Province, which makes it only 35 kilometers away from the major international airport in the city of Burgas. Sunny Beach boasts an 8 kilometer beach strip with golden sands, hundreds of hotels and bars, all kinds of water sports and shops for both locals and tourists throughout the year. It is closed to the north due to the descending Balkan Range which makes a perfect blend between sea and mountain experiences.

Sunny Beach


Old Sunny Beach

The construction of the resort began more than half a century ago, in 1958, which was during the Communism in Bulgaria. The resort was established near the site of two old wells that used to supply water to the nearby peninsula Nessebar during the ancient times, which is one of the most popular architectural and historic monuments on both national and international level. From the time of its construction more and more people spent their holidays at the Sunny Beach resort, mainly from Germany and Russia. Nowadays, many British, Serbian and Scandinavian tourists, together with German and Russian ones are regular tourists each year. With the increase in interest in the resort from British investors many new housing facilities are being built, increasing the amount of people that can enjoy an unforgettable holiday at Sunny Beach.

Climate and Weather

Sunny Beach is situated on the coast where the climate is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers, relative humidity, making it one of the most visited by tourists place from the year of its construction. The locals state the climate is really unique at the north of the resort where the sea and the mountain are so near, creating a unique mixture of mountain and sea air. This is particularly really useful and loved by people who have respiratory conditions such as asthma and others. Temperatures vary from month to month where the highest daily temperatures of 29 degrees in Celsius are during July and August and the night temperatures during these months are 17-18 degrees in Celsius. Many tourists come in September where temperatures are around 24 degrees during the day and 15 degrees during the night. The temperature of the water throughout the season varies from 19-23 degrees in Celsius.


Sunny Beach Tourism

Sunny Beach might enjoy thousands of visitors each year, but the permanent population of the resort is a really small number of people. This is why during the vacation season the resort becomes lively with thousands of tourists from Europe and Russia. The location of the resort makes it really easy for tourists to reach it because of the nearby international airport in Burgas. Tourists are attracted to the resort not only because of the fascinating mountain and sea nature, but also because of the resort being more affordable compared to other Mediterranean resorts, offering historical sites, watersports, always lively nightlife that many young people enjoy every year with 130 restaurants, live music bars, nightclubs and discos, cafes and pubs. The resort is also suitable for children and therefore many families enjoy a peaceful and stress free vacation at Sunny Beach.

Activities and Attractions

Sunny Beach ActivitiesWhen it comes to the resort of Sunny Beach the number of activities that tourists and locals can enjoy is enormous. From sport activities such as paintballing and karting, as well as enjoying water activities in the local Aqua park and on the beach such as banana boat rides, jet skiing, paragliding and more, to the incredible Sea Garden of the resort and unforgettable safari trips. These trips offer tourists to get to know the local Bulgarian villages away from the busy and bustling center of the resort of Sunny Beach, see the countryside and enjoy some of the famous traditional products of Bulgaria such as cheese, rose oil, wines and so on. Apart from going to Safari trips, tourists can enjoy boat trips and catamaran trips. During these trips tourists can enjoy the peaceful waves of the Black Sea together with the option of snorkeling and glancing at the fascinating sea life.

Shopping is one of the activities that tourists take on really quickly. There are thousands of stalls and shops all around the resort, lining from the promenade to the center of Sunny Beach Shoppingthe town, all offering local goods to enjoy. Apart from these, there is the Sunny Beach Mall offering high class clothing shops, as well as electrical stores. Street artists are also many in Sunny Beach. Really talented painters are ready to create one of the most realistic portraits of you or anyone else that you have ever seen for a relatively cheap price. Music is also on each turn that you take throughout the center of the resort. Finding souvenirs that you can bring home to friends is extremely easy as well.

Attractions of the resort are not less either. One of them is the Sunny Beach Luna Park, which is packed with great rides that take everyone’s adrenalin to really high levels and attractions for people of all ages. The Golden Orpheus International Festival of Popular Song together with the Decade of Symphonic Music, which is part of the International Folklore Festival, as well as a number of fashion shows and beach competitions that will interest both children and grownups are held in Sunny Beach. Another attraction is the Pirates Cruise, which offers the tourists to experience “a day of the life of a pirate at sea” onboard of the “Mystery” schooner, offering a number of activities such as sunbathing, fishing and swimming, food and drinks, as well as
getting to know the pirate captain and his crew with special surprises for the young pirates onboard.

Night Life

Sunny Beach Night LifePerhaps, the biggest attraction of Sunny Beach to tourists of all ages is the night life. As the sun is going down everyone is preparing for the unforgettable excitement of night life in Sunny Beach. There are numerous places that people can choose from such as the Rousska Troika Restaurant with typical oriental floor for music and dancing, the Fregatata, and the Variety Bar with some of the most sophisticated services of the resort, offering roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The Khan’s Tent is another historical and symbolic place to visit in Sunny Beach, where tourists can enjoy one of the most captivating views of the whole resort of Sunny Beach and the area around it. For those who want to spend the whole night out, partying with people from all around the world, then Party Patrol can make this happen. It is an event company in Sunny Beach that makes the best Bar Crawls that tourists can enjoy during their vacation. One of the most visited dance clubs is the Disco Orange, where tourists can enjoy shows from popular DJs from the Ministry of Sound, the Hedkandi and Twice as Nice. Other clubs and bars that are often visited are Cacao Beach, Brilliantine Beach Bar, Bedroom Beach Club and more.

Apart from the night life experience tourists can get in the center, there is the option to visit the nearby small village of Bata, where away from the flats and suburban areas people can get
to know the locals and learn the traditional crafts, as well as try out traditional Bulgarian food prepared by locals, while enjoying traditional music and folk dances.


Sunny Beach HotelsAlmost all of the available hotels and accommodation facilities are located in wonderful and peaceful park regions, letting tourists enjoy the nature and fresh air, together with incredible views of the beach and the Black Sea. All of the hotels offer really friendly staff that is always ready to help, comfortable restaurants and lobby-bars, together with amusement centers for children, fitness rooms and Internet clubs within the hotels. Often beauty salons and shops are also available. There seem to be something for everybody who decides to pay a visit to the resort.

Some of the 5 star hotels that tourists can book are Royal Palace Helena Park Hotel, Victoria Palace Hotel, Royal Palace Helena Sands Hotel and the Barcelo Royal Beach Hotel. The most number of hotels offering accommodation are having 4 stars and these are Globus Hotel, Flora Hotel, Delta Beach Hotel, Burgas Hotel, Bor Hotel, Bellevue Hotel, Alba Hotel, Gland Victoria Hotel, Iberostar Sunny Beach Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Hrizantema Hotel, Mena Palace Hotel and so on. Examples of 3 star hotels in Sunny Beach are Europa Hotel, Avliga Hotel, Amfora Beach Hotel, Kalofer Hotel, Klisura Hotel and more. Sunny Beach offers and 2 stars hotels such as Arda Hotel, Kontinental Hotel, Karlovo Hotel, Hemus Hotel, Nympha Hotel and so on. Most of the hotels have their own web pages where tourists can easily find out any important information, ask questions through an online form or by making a phone call, as well as book their stay. It is recommended to do this early because most of the hotels get booked and are full before the season starts.

Trips and Excursions from Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach ExcursionsFor those who want to make the most out of their trip to the Sunny Beach, there are also many offers to meet some of the oldest European civilizations and cultures. The excursions and trips are made by plane, car or coach.

One of the available options is Nessebar, which is only 3 kilometers away from Sunny Beach, offering living monuments of the millennial history such as fortress walls and mediaeval churches, old wooden houses and cobblestone lanes. It is the place for fishermen and artists, people who love the beauty of nature and culture.


Tourists can enjoy the Sofia-Rila Monastery. It is a two day trip by bus which starts from Stara Zagora, stops for lunch in Plovdiv, together with a tour through the town and then dinner, staying for the night and morning breakfast, then visiting the Bachkovo Monastery, departure back to Plovdiv with some free time, lunch in the city of Asenovgrad and returning to the resort of Sunny Beach.

A third option is Veliko Turnovo. It is also a two day trip which starts from Kazanluk, then tours through the Thracian Tomb and the Museum of the Rose, then the Etura Theme park and Shipka Memorial Church, reaching Veliko Turnovo and staying for a night there, on the next day there is a tour of the city, visiting the Tsarevets Fortress, as well as the Arbanassi village, followed by a return to Sunny Beach.

One more trip offered from Sunny Beach is the Kotel-Zheravna one. It includes visiting Zheravna with a tour in the museum house and the icon collection, then visiting Kotel where tourists can enjoy the arts and culture of the old Kotel city, Galatean’s school, the folk musical instruments and much more.

There are two more offers for excursions from Sunny Beach and these are the Varna-Golden Sands trip by bus and the Sozopol-Ropotamo trip by bus and boat.

On vacation with children in Sunny Beach

Childredn in Sunny Beach

Perhaps, one of the things that Sunny Beach stands out the most compared to other resorts is the possibility of parents to enjoy some carefree holiday time because of the 24-hour kindergartens with highly trained professionals to take care of the children, together with the nature of the location that offers clean air and warm calm sea that makes it safe and healthy for children to enjoy it.

Apart from this children can find delight in many activities such as fun games and competitions daily with prizes, tens of slides and pools for children, as well as merry-go-rounds, playing around and splashing in the shallow water, building sand castles, having fun while dancing in special kids’ discos, drawing pictures of whatever they like on the streets’ asphalt, learning sports skills with the help of instructors, pony riding, together with plenty of ice-cream and exciting electronic games for children of all ages.