Property in Nessebar

Properties in Nessebar

Properties In Nessebar

Worth to invest in real estate in Nessebar

The mix of historical ancient ruins, modern business buildings, beautiful nature and nice beaches, and well organized infrastructure in the resort of Nessebar make it not only attractive tourists destination, but also desired location for year-round living. So you may buy an apartment for living or for rent. In this regard, the real estate market is presented both with modern construction and second-hand housing. Because of the rent, buying a properties in Nessebar is an investment worthwhile. The shops and cafes, located on the ground floor of the buildings, bring a good profit to their owners. Despite the resort is small, it includes several areas. Each one of them is unique and bring its specific atmosphere.

The Old town of Nessebar

The Old town of Nessebar is located on a peninsula that is connected to the mainland via with the thin strip. Due to its historical and cultural value, the place is protected by UNESCO. Houses were built between XVIII and beginning of the XX century. There are unique archaeological finds such as temples, ancient ruins left from the times of the Ancient Greece, the Ancient Rome and the Byzantium. The ancient ruins are neighboring with the houses and it defines the specific appearance of the Old town. In addition there are plenty of cosy restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, museums and parking in the Old town.

Restrictions for build

There are strict restriction regarding the new buildings. Any constructions, redesign or renovation of existing houses are prohibited within the Old town. So even the installation of air conditioner required the approval of the municipality.

New town of Nessebar

This area is actively developing. There are many multistory modern architecture buildings. The real estate market offers apartments with one, two bedrooms, and studios. Someone buy properties to live there permanently, another one make purchase for investment.  The municipal agencies, bank offices, commercial companies are located in this part of the resort. There are also supermarkets, medical centers, and gyms that are open through the all year.